Independent specialist impact consultants, The Good Economy (TGE), confirm Civitas is "an authentic impact investor according to the IFC Principles for Impact Management".

The latest Social Impact Report confirmed Civitas "...have established themselves as a leading specialist investment fund in specialised supported housing."

TGE also comments the they "positively view the actions that Civitas has taken to support its partner Registered Providers"

Social Value independent study conducted by specialist social value consultants, the Social Profit calculator (SPC demonstrates Civitas achieved measurable):

  • Social return on investment for residents

  • Savings for the public purse

Findings based on extensive research incorporating:

  • site visits

  • meetings with tenants and tenant's families

  • discussions with LA Commisioners, RPs and RSH

  • Government metrics - HM Treasury's Green Book data


  • £114 million in total Social Value including £59 million of direct savings to the tax payer

  • £1 billion of direct savings to the tax payer when projected over course of Civitas leases (25 years)

  • 33% properties entered the social housing sector for the first time

  • 32 average age of tenant, expectation of multi-decade occupancy

“Though the contribution to increasing the supply of specialist housing has slowed over this reporting period, TGE views this slower rate of growth, in conjunction with the work being done by the Fund with its partner RPs, as positive and evidencing an impact-led rather than a deployment-led investment approach.” 

The Good Economy, June 2020

"Civitas demonstrated improvements in both supply and quality of social housing"

The Good Economy