Active Management

We are active portfolio managers and seek to ensure that our properties meet the five key criteria that the sector recognises are required for long term sustainability of rental income and futureproofing for quality living.

The five key criteria are:

  1. Delivery of mid-to-high level acuity care in the properties

  2. Properties supported by local authority commissioners

  3. Rents set at a median sustainable level

  4. Properties well located in community settings

  5. Quality and appropriate adaptations to suit tenants' needs

If, from time to time we identify any properties that do not meet all five criteria we actively engage with our Housing Associations, care providers and with the properties directly to bring about the change required.

With almost 600 buildings, and over 4,000 tenants we are typically engaged in active management of a small number of properties at any time representing less than 2% of the rent roll.