We are committed to delivering on our strategy with strong, consistent financial results most recently represented by the annual results for the year ended 31st March 2020.

As at 31st March 2020:

Income Statement - Year EndedMar 20Mar 19Change
Annualised Rent Roll (£m)48.445.7Up 5.8%
Rental Income (£m)45.935.7Up 28.4%
EPRA Earnings1 (£m)28.822.6Up 27.5%
Operating Cash Flow (£m)32.923.3Up 41.0%
IFRS EPS (diluted)1  (p)6.064.22Up 43.7%
EPRA EPS (diluted)1  (p)4.633.63Up 27.5%
Dividends Declared per share (p)5.305.00Up 6.0%

Balance SheetMar 20Mar 19Change
Investment property IFRS (£m)878.7826.9Up 6.3%
IFRS NAV per share (diluted) (p)107.87107.08Up 0.7%
LTV / Gross Assets (%)2722Up 24.1%

1. Mar 19: EPRA Earnings, IFRS EPS, EPRA EPS figures are after adding back finance costs associated with the C share