Civitas’ ESG policy targets carbon neutrality through a collaborative approach, working alongside E.ON and with our approved providers, national government, local agencies, investors and lenders.

  • We are actively working with national provider E.ON, to deliver effective and cost-efficient portfolio wide solutions including retrofit, renewable source energy and utilization of new technologies.
  • Access to government funding and available grants maximized at no cost to underlying approved provider partners.
  • Reporting structures have been established to measure delivery of environmental targets

As a leading provider of care-based community housing in the UK, we acknowledge our responsibility to take the lead on sustainability.

We recognise the challenges posed by accelerating climate change and our role in reducing the environmental impact of our activities. The positive changes we are making today will benefit people and contribute to improving the outlook for future generations.

Our ambition is to reduce our carbon impacts to zero in-line with the Government’s 2050 target of net zero carbon. Alongside reduced environmental impact, this will also help our residents save money on their bills and improve their health. Achieving this objective within the social housing sector will invariably require active strategies and additional government support.

As part of our commitment, we are actively collaborating with E.ON and our approved providers to improve the energy efficiency of homes and target that by 2030 all our properties achieve a minimum EPC “A-C”. This is 5 years ahead of the Government’s Clean Growth Strategy target.

"The delivery of the initial phase of the programme has strengthened the collaboration between E.ON and Civitas. The learnings have built the solid foundation and road map to move forward with future deployment of energy saving measures to achieve Civitas’ net-zero target"

Mark Antclff, Business Development Manager, E.ON Installation Services