Independent specialist impact consultants, The Good Economy (TGE), confirm Civitas is "an authentic impact investor according to the IFC Principles for Impact Management".

The latest Social Impact Report confirmed Civitas "The Fund's compliance figures have remained very high during the pandemic... statutory compliance rate is approximately 99% as of March 2021.”

TGE also comments the they “… Civitas is proactive in its approach to asset management, taking well-defined steps to ensure and improve the quality of existing homes, especially in terms of improving environmental performance.”

Social Value independent study conducted in 2021 by specialist social value consultants, the Social Profit calculator (SPC demonstrates Civitas achieved measurable):

  • Social return on investment for residents

  • Savings for the public purse

Findings based on extensive research incorporating:

  • discussions with tenants, tenant's families and other sector stakeholders

  • Government metrics - Social Return On Investment Framework (SROI) data


  • £127 million in total Social Value including £76 million of direct savings to the tax payer

  • £1+ billion of direct savings to the tax payer when projected over course of Civitas leases (25 years)

  • 38% properties entered the social housing sector for the first time

  • 71% of residents aged between 20 and 49, expectation of multi-decade occupancy

*Based on a survey sample of residents

“The long-lease model operated by Civitas ensures that these homes will remain as specialist housing for the long-term, which should provide stability for residents.”

The Good Economy, June 2021

"They provide the most significant demonstration of Civitas’ contribution to increasing the supply … that may not have been delivered without the Fund’s capital."

The Good Economy