WISH is a membership-based network for women working across every discipline of UK housing.

Each of WISH meets at least four times a year, allowing members to share ideas and information and widen their network.

About Women in Social Housing (WISH)

With talks from inspiring speakers and more relaxed evenings of networking, women in social housing are able to keep up to date with industry news, improve self-confidence and share knowledge and good practice with like-minded individuals. WISH brings together women at all stages of their careers and across the whole range of organisations who operate in the sector – both private and public. This has enabled WISH to become a thought-leader in the sector highlighting the issues of diversity, gender inequality and what the sector can do better to retain women and address the gender pay gap.

Civitas is promoting the work of WISH to increase inclusivity and gender balance across the social housing sector at every level.

"WISH will continue to encourage more young women into the sector and to address career progression for those within it, offering guidance through our mentoring programme and peer-to-peer support at our networking events. We will also carry on challenging stereotypes and working to tackle gender inequality." Nicola Dibb, Co-founder and Executive Director of Women in Social Housing (WISH)