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The Choir with No Name is an organisation that runs choirs for people who have experienced homelessness and other forms of marginalisation. Founded on the premise that singing makes you feel good; The Choir with No Name aims to be a positive force in the life of vulnerable individuals.

About The Choir with No Name

People who are homeless or otherwise on the margins of society are often struggling with loneliness or isolation.

The choir enables these people to make friends, build their confidence and skills and find their place in society, especially where traditional support networks from family or friends may have broken down.

Each of the (four) choirs across the UK gets together to rehearse every week and perform regularly at a variety of different venues.

Civitas is keen to continue to support the growth plans of The Choir with No Name, now working with a total of 1085 individuals against a target of 720. This secure source of funding is important as it both enables the organisation to fund concerts whilst also allowing the (four) choirs to continue providing their valuable services to individuals in need.

The Choir with No Name have recently released their first single, ‘This is Me’ which was officially released in October this year to tie in with World Homelessness Day. One London member shared her thoughts on recording the single at their 10th Anniversary Christmas concert:

“An incredible experience that I can say eclipses being homeless, jobless. This has increased my self-confidence – this is a sign of things to come – I will get back on my feet!”

I feel so bless and humbled to be part of a project that gives people hope. Choir with No Name has saved my life

Results and Impact

As of September 2019, the following results and outcomes have been achieved:

  • 77% of members have taken up other activities outside of choir since joining

  • 85% of members feel the choir has helped them take up volunteering, employment or find/maintain more secure housing

  • 90% of members reported increase in confidence

  • 94% of members have made new friends at choir

  • 81% of members reported improved mental health

  • 59% of members were street homeless or vulnerable housed when they first joined

  • 73% of members have experienced homelessness