Social Housing Pioneers

Civitas was formed in 2016 by the founders of its investment adviser Civitas Investment Management from the long-standing conviction that private capital should play a vital and ethical role in the social housing and healthcare sectors.

We believe that access to a decent home is a basic human right from which so much more can be delivered particularly for people who are living with a life-long disability.

With millions of people stuck on housing waiting lists across the UK , or trapped in long stay hospitals, Civitas became the first public company to bring large scale equity investment into the social housing sector.

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Catalyst Investors

Since we began investing our approach has drawn other significant investors  into the sector with a variety of strategies and led to social housing and associated healthcare facilities emerging as an institutional alternative asset class

We are passionate about our work and the opportunity it presents to change lives whilst delivering stable and growing long-term income and capital growth for our shareholders.

We work closely with our partners in the sector (Housing Associations, care providers and local authorities)  to improve standards and governance and to introduce practices and procedures that make our investment processes more robust.

We are also seeking to broaden the range of care and other needs that our properties support including more homelessness and “step down” accommodation from the NHS as well as general needs social housing.

This is combined with extending our geographical reach across the UK with a particular focus on Scotland and Northern Ireland.