Approved Providers, Care Providers and Local Authorities

The Civitas portfolio is supported by a wide range of Approved Providers, care providers and local authorities. This is expected to be extended shortly to include charities and the NHS.

Having built the largest portfolio of its type in the UK we are now represented in approximately half the local authorities in England and Wales and expect to extend this in due course to other parts of England and Wales and to Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Approved Providers

The distribution of approved providers by rent roll is set out below and the top three approved providers, each of which is seeking to be a national provider of supported housing account for slightly more than 50% of the Civitas rent roll.

We are working closely with our approved provider partners and with the Regulator of Social Housing we are seeking to assist our partners in becoming stronger organisations as they grow in size.

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Care Providers

The Civitas portfolio is supported by 130 care providers who are responsible for the delivery of primary care to individuals whose home is a Civitas property.

Whilst Civitas has no legal or any commercial responsibility for the provision of care we have built very active relationships with our care provider partners, many of whom are significant entities with a long history and an established track record of positive delivery supported by a national presence.

This interaction reflects our desire to see the delivery of the very best care possible and to assist to identify any issues in relation to our properties from a care dimension.

This positive working relationship has resulted in a number of care providers entering into back to back leases with our housing association partners typically over the same 25 year period as the Civitas leases.