Supported housing is funded 100% from central government with a 23 year unbroken commitment to support vulnerable adults and meet their accommodation and care costs.

In August 2018 the Government reaffirmed its support for the system confirming that all supported housing funding to be retained in the welfare system”.

"Protection of the most vulnerable has always been our primary concern, and following our consultation, the case for keeping supported housing in the welfare system became clear.

The sector also recognised that our aim of improving the quality of homes must be addressed, and we look forward to now working with partners to make sure we have strong measures in place."

Housing Minister, Kit Malthouse MR, H.M. Government - August 2018

In practice this money is distributed via local authorities directly to our housing association partners who act as a social landlord over the properties that Civitas owns in the portfolio.

The structure of the funding is set out below.